Danakil Tour with Volcano Visit Group Travel - 2 Days
From Aksoma you will trek for a few hours towards Erta Ale, an active volcano with lava continually bubbling from it.
Dallol/Danakil - Day Trip
Explore the alien-like landscape of the Dankil Depression >100m below sea level
Simien Mountains - 2 Nights, 3 Days
Experience more landscapes and have the chance (not guaranteed) to see endemic species such as the stocky Walia Ibex and the red Ethiopian Wolf
Simien Mountains - 1 Night, 2 Days
A wonderful opportunity to explore the mountains on a limited time budget and spend a peaceful night in the Simien Mountains national park.
Simien Mountains - Day Trip
The Simien Mountains rise out of the northern Ethiopian Highlands like a fortress with peaks exceeding 4000m.
Simien Mountains and Danakil Depression

6 Days Minimum

Simien Mountains and Danakil Depression Discount Combo .... Minimum 6 day duration.